How it Works.

Whether you’re worried about your loved one falling, or just want to know each day that they’re up and going about their normal routine, AVERio has a solution for you.

With the use of discreet sensors placed around the home, you can securely monitor the wellbeing of your elderly loved one living alone.

You get the peace of mind you deserve while maintaining their independence.

Simple to Use.

1. Discreet Sensors

Temperature Sensor
According to your particular concerns or risks, sensors are chosen and placed around the home.
Most sensors are battery powered and can easily be affixed in place using supplied Command™ Strips in less than a minute.

With over 30 years experience in Adult Health & Social Care, our expert team is on-hand to guide you through the process to help you choose the most appropriate sensor combination.

2. AVERio Hub

AVERio Hub
The AVERio hub provides 24/7 protection - constantly checking that your loved one is OK using discreet sensors placed around the home.

Set daily reassurance messages to let you know your loved one is up and going about their normal routine.

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3. Real-time Alerts

AVERio App
Daily reassurance messages and real time alerts are sent directly to you via our free iOS and Android app.

Get the peace of mind you deserve, safe in the knowledge that you'll be alerted if something unexpected happens, such as a fall taking place.

Instead of calling daily to check-in and nag; use the time to reconnect and talk about the things that really matter to you both.

Peace of Mind. At Your Fingertips


Real Time Alerting.

With AVERio's real time alerting enabled, push notification messages are sent directly to your device via our dedicated Alerts app, available for Android and iOS. 

The AVERio Alerts app provides you with peace of mind knowing that if something unexpected happens, you'll be notified immediately. 

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Our name consists of two parts:
AVER: Which is derived from latin with the meaning of “confirm as true”. Truth is a cornerstone in our approach to how we conduct business. 

io: We’re a tech business, and “io” is a common term relating to technology within our industry. 

So how do I say AVERio? 
We’ve heard people say all sorts! But the correct way of saying AVERio can be described below…or you can watch one of our videos to hear the correct way to say the name.

AVERio is pronounced as:

We have a variety of different sensors available, and we’re always adding new options to our offering.

The honest answer is: it depends

We don’t believe in providing “packs” of sensors. Instead, it’s important to tailor the sensors to your specific concerns or risks. Our “Your Concerns. One Solution” section helps explain how each sensor type can help, based on some common concerns, but we recommend connecting with one of our experts via live chat, who’ll be able to recommend what you might require.

Our fall detection technology works without wearables, without the need for buttons and without cameras or microphones

mmWave Radar Technology
Fall detection sensors are usually mounted in the corner of a room (just stick them up with the supplied adhesive pads). 

The sensor constantly assesses the room using mmWave technology to determine if a person is present and if they are, whether they’re in a standing position or are on the floor, having fallen. 

The technology itself has been around for many years and it’s a similar system to what you’d find in your car if it has adaptive cruise control. 

Each sensor has 1 or more alerts. We currently have over 40 different alerting options. However, when speaking with one of our experienced team, we will recommend the most appropriate sensors (and therefore alerts) for your specific needs. 

Our most common alerts include:
– Rapid fall detection alerting
– An alert if a person gets out of bed at night
– An alert if a person doesn’t return to bed at night
– An alert if the front door is opened

Alerts are delivered as Push Notifications via our free Android and iOS app.

Alerts can be configured as daily reassurance messages which can be used to let you know that your loved one is up and going about their normal routine. 

Our most common Daily Reassurance Messages include:
– A notification when a room is used for the first time each day (i.e kitchen or living room occupied).
– A notification when the kettle is boiled.
– A notification when the TV is on.

Daily reassurance messages are sent to you via our free Android and iOS app.

AVERio works by automatically collecting data from sensors placed around the home. How many, and the type of sensors used will be unique to your specific needs or concerns. 

Sensors send data to the AVERio hub which connects to the existing internet router in the home (4G options are available if no internet is available at the property). 

Alerts & Daily Reassurance Messages are configured and sent to your mobile device automatically if triggered/if alerting criteria is met. 

You can access AVERio via our web application, and access alerts via our free Android & iOS app.

AVERio does not use any cameras or microphones so you can be confident there’s no one “watching” or “listening” in to your loved one. 

The data collected by sensors is entirely anonymised and sent to our secure cloud platform via the AVERio hub.

Our team has over 30 years experience in building and deploying digital technology solutions to the Adult Health & Social Care sector, and we understand the importance of processing and storing data securely. 

All we ask for is a 90 day rolling term.

We have a dedicated support portal with a number of Knowledge Base Articles (KBA’s) which covers most topics related to the AVERio web application, alerting and mobile apps. 

If you need to speak to a member of the AVERio support team, the fastest way is to either:
email us
– use live chat

Most of the AVERio sensors use batteries. Battery life is expected to last between 18-24 months. Batteries are supplied with our sensors.

Our fall detection sensors & presence sensors require mains power.

If you’re unsure which sensors are appropriate for your needs you can speak to an expert via our live chat facility.

Yes. The best way to access real time alerting is via our dedicated Alerts app which is available for both Android and iOS. 

Just search for “AVERio Alerts” in your app store.

We’ve made sure that sensors can be increased/decreased to accommodate constant changes in care needs.

In most cases, sensors can easily be added to your existing AVERio hub. 

If you require additional/new sensors, please speak to a member of our assessment team who will be able to advise on the most appropriate options. You can contact us via:
live chat

No. None of the AVERio sensors use cameras or microphones.

Order fulfilment time varies, depending on the type of sensors which have been ordered and whether additional information about the installation property is required. If your order is eligible for VAT exemption, we must also receive a completed VAT exemption form before despatching your order. 

In general orders are fulfilled between 1-3 weeks. 

We offer free delivery for all orders sent via an insured and tracked courier. A signature is required upon delivery.

You have 14 days from the date of delivery to change your mind about your purchase. The delivered goods must be returned to us (at your cost) and must be unused. We will then issue a full refund for the value of goods purchased. 

This does not affect your statutory rights. 

For full details in relation to returns and warranty, please read our Terms of Service

Yes. In fact, AVERio works well in conjunction with care at home support. As well as real time alerting, AVERio can be used to identify changes over time, which can be very useful for domiciliary care teams to help with their care assessment and planning.

With your authorisation, our team can work with your care organisation to help them understand what’s actually happening with your loved one when they’re not there. 

Additionally, our customers find it useful to know exactly when care teams are arriving/leaving the property with the use of a simple “door open” alert.

We can work directly with you and any care teams/GPs involved in the day-to-day care of your loved one to ensure they can stay in their own home for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, sometimes care needs become too great for care-at-home to be a viable option. 

The good news though, is that AVERio can stay with your loved one, even if they move into supported living or into a care/nursing home.

When this happens, our team will work with the necessary care and assessment teams to ensure your loved one has the right kit in place and you can continue to benefit from the peace of mind knowing that your loved one is up and going about their normal routine. 

Systems like AVERio are extremely useful to care home teams. It allows them to spot changes sooner, respond to problems more quickly and ultimately provide your loved one with a better, more person centred care offering. 

By default, only the account holder will have access to AVERio and its real time alerting. 

We can provide access to family members, GPs, healthcare professionals etc. but we require written permission from the account holder before this access can be given. 

As a precautionary measure, we also review all secondary account access once per year and ask you to confirm the named individuals are still authorised to access the account.

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