Personalised Alerts

Alerts sent straight to your device

At AVERio, we offer a range of comprehensive yet easy-to-use alerts to suit everyone’s needs.

  • Push Notifications
  • Email Alerts
  • SMS & Automated Call

Integrated with our FREE Alerts App, users can receive personalised push notifications straight to their device to be kept informed of important alerts.


Meaningful & Relevant

Personalised alerts

AVERio has a variety of alert types that can be configured from the customer portal. The system has been designed to be as flexible as possible to suit a variety of needs. 

Away Mode
We understand that your loved one won't always be at home. Holidays, day trips and other activities could lead to alerts being raised in error. Users can set alerts to "away" to prevent false alarms.

Fall Alerts

Get an SMS and automated phone call notification if a fall is detected. AVERio can detect falls within seconds and send you an alert within minute, enabling you to take action and get the help they need.

Door Alerts

AVERio's door sensors detect when a door is open or closed. Coupled with alerts, users can set an alert to trigger if the front door has been left open, or if the door has been used late at night.
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