AVERio Hub & Sensors


AVERio Hub

Connects Sensors to the Portal

The AVERio Hub receives signals from sensors positioned throughout the home, securely sending this information back to the customer’s AVERio portal.

Only one hub per household is required.
The AVERio Hub is 4G-enabled at no extra cost, with no need for Wi-Fi or broadband.

fall sensor

Touchless Fall Detection

Detects when a person falls

AVERio's touchless fall sensor detects within seconds if a person falls. The system uses 4D radar imaging to detect when a fall event takes place in a room and calls for help within 2 minutes when a fall is detected.


Bed Occupancy Sensors

Detects When a Bed is Occupied or Vacant

Bed sensors can provide valuable insight into a persons time spent in bed. Our bed sensors provide visibility of when a bed is occupied or vacant, enabling you to see the wake/sleep times along with time spent out of bed during the night. Bed sensors are discreet and do not affect comfort as they're placed underneath the mattress. 

Motion Sensor

Activity Sensors

Detects Movement

Activity sensors are a great way to monitor movements around the home. Placing an activity sensor in primary rooms, allows you to easily see when your loved one is up and about and moving from room to room. Our activity sensors are pet friendly, so will not trigger for cats and small dogs. 

Door Sensor

Door Sensors

Detects Open & Closed States

The AVERio door sensor allow you to see when a door is opened and closed. Especially useful if you have concerns of late night wandering, or if your loved one has a tendency to leave the door open due to forgetfulness. 


Appliance Sensors

The Kettle is on

Our appliance sensors offer a valuable insight into the activity of your loved one. Know when the kettle is on, when the television is being used. Our appliance sensors are compatible with any UK mains powered device.


Vibration Sensors

Wide Range of Uses

The AVERio vibration sensor is small and compact, allowing it to be used in a variety of locations.

Adding a vibration sensor to a fridge or a W.C. will allow you to monitor when these are being used. 

Ready to Get Started?

At AVERio, we have designed our product range to accommodate as many people’s home care assistance needs as possible. Unlike other connected care solutions, we do not sell generic bundles. Instead, we offer a wide range of non-intrusive sensors with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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