Introducing the AVERio Provider Portal

The AVERio Provider Portal allows you to see activity across your entire service at a glance, and react in real-time to priority alerts.

  • View activity for all clients
  • Visualise activity with heat maps
  • Prioritise & respond to real time alerts
  • Suitable for ECS, Residential & Dom Care

The AVERio system provides an entirely new level of data which can feed into your existing Care Planning and Risk Assessment processes, helping to provide a more tailored package for your clients.

Feature List

Activity Gallery

The Activity Gallery displays an Activity Card for each client, detailing key information including last activity, active alerts and when a care staff member last attended/visited.

Activity Heatmap

The Activity Heatmap allows for an overview of activity levels across the whole service at a moment's glance. 

Easily spot instances of dense activity or unexpected activity during sleeping hours.

Real Time Alert Manager

Focus priority on client alerts via the Alert Manager. Document responses and flag whether staff attendance is required in response to an alert.

Machine Learning Providing you Valuable Insights

Get visibility of a client’s activities of daily living previously not possible with traditional review processes.

AVERio’s data Insights & Machine Learning can help support and inform your care planning & risk assessments processes, and improve efficiency. Now 

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