Touchless Fall Detection.

Constant Protection

      • No wearables
      • No cameras or microphones
      • Notification sent within minutes

To help minimise hospitalisation, a fall must be detected in seconds and help dispatched within minutes.

The Vayyar™ fall sensor can detect falls in any lighting conditions and is constantly scanning the room using 4D radar technology to determine if a fall has taken place. The system does not use any cameras or microphones.

If a fall is detected, the AVERio system automatically calls and sends an SMS text to your nominated phone number to notify you, enabling you to take action and get the help that is needed quickly.


fall sensor

No Cameras or Microphones

How it Works

Optics-Free Radio Frequency

AVERio's fall sensor eliminates the need for cameras, buttons and wearable devices. It uses advanced imaging radar to monitor a room 24/7, in all conditions. If there’s a fall, it gets help. There are no cameras or microphones.

Our fall sensors use optics-free radio frequency technology to provide 24/7 touchless monitoring. The device works in all lighting conditions, dense steam, and high humidity.

Detects a Fall in Seconds

AVERio detects a fall within a few seconds. If the person remains on the floor, the hub will send for help.

Sends for Help within Minutes

AVERio automatically calls your nominated telephone number and sends you a text to notify you of a fall event within minutes of a fall taking place, enabling you to get the help they need quickly.


Touchless Technology

No-one Wants Wearables

20% of seniors refuse to wear a wearable, another 60% often forget. AVERio's touchless fall sensors work seamlessly in the background providing constant protection without the need for ugly, often bulky wearables.

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Privacy Built In

No Cameras

AVERio's fall sensor respects privacy. The device contains no cameras, optics or microphone making suitable for any room in the house, including bathrooms, wet rooms and shower rooms. 

Ready to Get Started?

At AVERio, we have designed our product range to accommodate as many people’s home care assistance needs as possible. Unlike other connected care solutions, we do not sell generic bundles. Instead, we offer a wide range of non-intrusive sensors with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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