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How Language Can Alter Perception

Technology, especially in the home of an elderly relative, can often feel intrusive and can be hard to explain the true purpose of why its being used.
The very language used within Smart Care & Connected Care technologies in the home of your loved one can easily incite fears of privacy concerns.

The very language used in Smart Care and Connected Care sectors can be challenging. We're here to help overcome those challenges.

Smart Care Privacy

When we think of words to describe Smart Care technologies, terminology such as "tracking" and "monitoring" might come to the forefront of our minds. These words alone can often feel invasive and threatening, making us steer away from these type of solutions. It's not uncommon to avoid things we don't fully understand, let alone when trying to convince an elderly or vulnerable family member to use these products.

So, what can we do to alleviate these concerns?
Well, as a provider of Smart Care services, we believe we hold a duty to ensure we provide a safe and secure system, and offer transparency about how data is processed and stored.
Privacy is a big deal and somehting that any company should take extemely seriously.

Discreetly Monitoring, not Tracking

AVERio does not use any cameras or microphones. Instead we use discreet sensors which, when activted, tells the customer portal that an 'activity' has occured. That might be a motion sensor being triggered, or a door opening, or a kettle being switched on.
Each sensor has its own unique identifier which allows us to simply capture only the data that's required;
- Sensor ID
- Time the activity occured
- Activity details (i.e. 'kettle on' or 'door opened')

This is the only sensor data we capture and transmit to the customer portal where it can be processed and run through our Machine Learning algorithm and accessed only by the account holder. We do not transmit any personally identifiable data between your hub and the customer portal.

We don't use your wifi

Another benefit of choosing AVERio for your Smart Care solution is that the system does not require access to the customer's wifi. This means the AVERio system is entirely self contained and you can rest assured that your home internet is not being accessed.
Furthermore, it means the AVERio system is even ore accessible and affordable as it does not require an internet connection at hte installation address, thanks to our 4G, multi operator hub.

Discover AVERio

Find out how our Smart Care system can help your loved one by notifying you if something doesn't look right. AVERio's personalised alerts can alert you via Push Notification or SMS when a front door is left open, or when there's been no activity by a certain time each day.

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